The Dr. Kahán Éva Foundation runs an Art Space of contemporary art in Budapest. Hosting a rotating program of exhibitions, the Foundation’s primary focus is to spotlight young and undiscovered artists from the Central European region with the intention of gaining them public recognition and encouraging their artistic careers.

Our next exhibition opening on th 7th June: Balázs Sipos and his Glas-Sculptures:

Gaál Kata’s  social-sensibel artworks can be seen in Kahan Art Space until beginning of May .

In April you can see Kata Gaál’s artworks in Kahan Art Space. Save the date of the Vernissage: 5th April, 6 PM.

Please meet our next promising artist, Kovács Mihály Mór. He will show us his works in the exhibition Transparency-Rhythm-Space which opens on March 1st, 2018.

Until February 25th the works of seven talented artists from the Moholy-Nagy University can be seen at Kahán Art Space in the Nagy Diófa Utca 34, 1072 Budapest. 

The Artists:

Anna Budaházy

Henrietta Fori

Lilla Kiss

Zsófia Móró

Tünde Oláh

Henriett Zsanett Pápai

Renáta Sásvári