Dr. Éva Kahán

In Dr. Éva Kahán’s life the fundamental values of democracy such as freedom, minority rights, acces to education and freedom of artistic creativity played central roles.

It is through the support of these important values that the Dr. Éva Kahán Non-profit Foundation pays tribute to her and her life.

The Dr. Éva Kahán Non-profit Foundation was created in 2015 as a non-profit organisation with a twofold purpose. Working primarily in the area of Central Europe, the foundation’s mission is to create opportunities for young people engaged in the creative arts as well as to support the university education of disadvantaged students.

The Foundation is especially active in supporting the work of Central European artists. In doing so, it aims to enable greater cross-border dialogue with a special emphasis on fostering creativity and international understanding by allowing artists to engage in high level artistic work in an unstressed environment.

The Foundation offers the opportunity for new developments for artists from Central European countries, offers the opportunity for relaxed and high-quality artistic activities, and for the realization of works from creative impulses.


One of the goals of the Dr. Éva Kahán Non-profit Foundation is to provide financial support covering tuition fees and supplementing student grants to disadvantaged law students of Jewish or Romani descent or who would otherwise not be able to attend, or could graduate only with great difficulties from their respective law universities. The Foundation was established in memory of Dr. Éva Kahán by her family, who finance the Foundation from their after-tax private income.


The Dr. Éva Kahán Non-profit Foundation runs an Art Space of contemporary creative arts in Budapest. This Art Space exhibits mostly the works (painting, statue, artwork) of young fine and applied artists, with the intention of helping them launch their careers and to make the public aware of these talented young artists.

HYPEROBJECT vernissage

Last night we opened Mónika Üveges's HYPEROBJECT exhibition. Her artworks will be on view until September 26 in Kahan Art Space Budapest. Thank you for being there. (photos by Réka Hegyháti)


August 24-29, 2020 in Kahan Art Space Budapest Flóra Kőszeghy architect-artist’s SPATIAL CUTS VOL.3. - LAS exhibition will be on display. The exhibition will open on the 24th, unusually on Monday evening at 6pm. We look forward to hearing from you.

Summer break at Kahán Art Space Budapest

Dear Friends, We wish you all a cheerful summer, full of wonderful experiences. Kahán Art Space Budapest is on summer vacation too, between 26. 07. 2020 and 23. 08. 2020. We are looking forward to meeting you again on the next pop-up exhibition on 24. 08. 2020. More...


Foundation also runs a programme titled ‘Dr. Éva Kahán Arts Residence’, through which selected artists are granted a residency of 1 to 3 month period between October and May to artists from Central European. During this period, residents live in Tosa di Sotto Villa in San Sano, Tuscany. The artists become part of the local life and strengthen the artistic spirit and image of the place through their works. In return for this opportunity the Foundation requests that each resident artist contributes one of the works of art to the Foundation’s own collection.



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